Great Ways to a Lighter and Brighter Kitchen

Great Ways to a Lighter and Brighter Kitchen

We could all use a little more light here in the Pacific Northwest. Especially in our kitchens, a space we spend so much time in. Here are some of the ways we incorporate additional light into our kitchen remodel projects.

Add a Skylight:

These can be a gamechanger, especially when adding a traditional window may not be an option, or additional wall space is needed for cabinetry.

Install Additional Lighting: 

We typically design with the triple threat: recessed, under cabinet, and decorative. They all provide their own type of lighting for different purposes.

Open the kitchen to the back yard:

Who doesn’t love a good French door?! And it gives great access to host those outdoor dinner parties.

Select lighter cabinets:

All cabinets don’t have to be white for a light and bright kitchen. Lighter paint tones as well as light-stained cabinets can have the same affect –while still adding warmth to the room.

Add a window:

Ideally at the sink – then you’ll get a nice view of the back yard while doing dishes!

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The Best Places for Built-ins

The Best Places for Built-ins

A well placed built-in can make a world of difference in your older home. Giving you neat and tidy extra storage (with doors that close away the mess) can really be life changing. Below we show you some of our favorite places to incorporate built-ins that also blend with the age of your home. 


Give the printer, paper, and office supplies their own home with a custom office solution. 

Dining Room:

A great spot to keep dining linens, extra dishware and serving plates.


Stash away coats, bike bags and helmets, umbrellas, dog leashes and all those muddy rain boots and shoes.  


Get those towels, sheets, blankets, and surplus shampoos corralled into a spiffy looking linen closet.


Who doesn’t want an adorable library ladder? And a serene place to store (and read!) all those books.

Living Room:

We love a good colonnade. It gives the rooms purpose and character, while still having an open floorplan feel.

For your Portland, OR old home remodel we’d love to help you find custom, unique, thoughtful solutions for your space and your family. We love to incorporate built-in solutions into our larger remodel projects to make sure every inch of your home works for you.

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Our Top Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Our Top Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

As part of your kitchen remodel planning process, we want to ensure that your new custom cabinetry will fit your specific cooking needs perfectly. But when it comes to the world of kitchen cabinet accessories, there is a lot to choose from. Too much. Here, we’ll take you through some of our favorites that make cooking and meal prep just that much more enjoyable.

1. Drawer Peg System

  • This system holds plates, bowls, dishes, and cups in a convenient under counter drawer.
  • It makes accessing dishes a breeze – and the organization of everything in its place makes everyone happy.

2. New and improved Lazy Susan 

  • Lazy Susan’s are an extremely polarizing part of the kitchen – homeowners either love them, or hate them.
  • We design to use every inch of space in our kitchens, so we often times recommend a version of them.
  • These aren’t your old Susan’s though – there’s pie shaped, half moons, and more – without the cumbersome pole right down the middle.

3. Spice Drawer

  • The ongoing spice struggle is real!
  • This spice drawer accessory keeps them all in line – labels up and out, making things easy to read.

4. Trash/Recycle/Compost Pull-out

  • The days of difficult under-the-sink trash bins are over.
  • These pullouts are easy to use, large, and can be used for trash, recycling, or compost.
  • We’ll often design having them right next to the sink for easy disposal.

These kitchen cabinet accessories are some of the few our team will discuss with you as we help you to plan your dream kitchen. 

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A Few of Our Favorite (Kitchen) Things

A Few of Our Favorite (Kitchen) Things

In addition to our week of kitchen design element favorites (check out our Instagram or Facebook pages) we wanted to share a few more design elements we love to incorporate in the kitchens we remodel. These are a few of our favorite things…

1. Storage – and lots of it.

In this kitchen we created a peninsula with some great drawer storage space. Ideal for bake-ware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, and even dishes and cups. We often design with drawers or cabinets with roll outs for easy-to-access storage.

2. Work Zones – to keep everyone organized.

The older kitchens we work on typically have three main work zones – clean up/sink, cooking surface, and refrigeration storage.  We aim to ensure that things are organized around these three zones. We also like to create sub zones such as beverage stations, as seen here. Why not store your mugs next to your coffee maker? It sure would make things easier on those sleepy mornings.

3. Increased Light – let the sunshine (or cloudiness) in.

There’s nothing worse than not quite being able to see what you are cooking – especially if it involves chopping with a sharp knife – eek! We love brightening up the kitchens we work in by adding recessed, semi-flush/sconce, and under cabinet lighting. And, if possible, adding a skylight or an additional window makes a huge difference…especially here in the PNW. We were able to add a skylight in this Hawthorne kitchen and it sure makes those blue cabinets pop!

4. Corner Magic – making use of every inch.

Corner cabinets are always tough. They are hard to see into, things can fall through the cracks, and cooking utensils get lost in the abyss. Luckily, corner cabinet storage has come a long way and there are great options for functional, usable storage. Shown here is a pie shaped insert with no bar, allowing easy access to all items on the shelf.

5. Honoring the Home – thoughtful design. 

No matter the vintage, we design to honor the age of the home while updating it for today’s living. We take cues from the rest of the space to see what fits aesthetically and then marry that aesthetic with function. We have the privilege of working on primarily older homes in Portland, and we love helping to tell their story for another 100 years to come.

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Construction in the COVID Era

Construction in the COVID Era


In the past couple months, our lives have been turned sideways by new and unexpected challenges. Luckily, in the Portland area, our hard work of staying home and staying safe has paid off as we have seen a decrease in the number of cases.

Our work is unique as it requires us to come into your homes. Below, we’ve answered some of your questions as to how our Design-Build process has changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Health and safety has always been at the forefront of what we do, and through careful planning and thorough communication we can ensure a successful home remodel project for your family and our company.

1. How do we work together through the design process? 
Like many of us out there, Zoom is now our best friend! It is keeping us connected and moving forward. We are doing design consultations via Zoom and doing virtual walk-throughs of your home. The only time we need to come in your home during the design process is to complete our project survey (measure, take photographs) – and we wear face masks and stay distanced! 


2. How are plans shared? How do we make design decisions?
Again, Zoom is coming through here in a big way! We share the plans via the screen share feature and can also drop paper plans off at your doorstep. Material samples are bundled up by our design team and/or our vendors and delivered to your home. Most of the showrooms we utilize are now open for appointments, so we can go look at plumbing fixtures and appliances safely. 

3. What if I have concerns about people coming into my home?
We have developed a Health & Safety Plan and we customize it to include any special needs your family might have throughout the construction process. As we always have, we seal off the construction area from your living space, minimizing the impact we have on the rest of your home. The Health & Safety Plan is reviewed throughout the design and construction process to make sure all parties are on the same page with policies and procedures. 

4. How has the construction process changed? 
On each job site, we have clear signage indicating the key health and safety measures we are requiring all team members to follow – wearing masks, washing hands, taking temperatures, and social distancing. Hand washing stations are at the entrance to each job site and signage indicates how to take temperatures prior to coming into the home. As always, we have weekly meetings with the homeowners to talk through schedule items and any other issues that may come up. 


We look forward to working with you on your remodel! 
Now, more than ever, our homes are our sanctuaries. We look forward to working with you to make your home the best it can be for you and your family. 

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