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Falling for Faucets: 5 Tips to Help You Find the “One”

As with all relationships, first impressions don’t always mean long term fit. What initially attracts you may turn into a lifetime of happiness or a series of frustrations. And as something you use every single day, you want to ensure your kitchen faucet is the best fit for you and your family. Here are Five Tips to help you navigate

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Contractor of the Year Award

National Association of the Remodeling Industry is gearing up for its’ annual award show.  Craftsman Design and Renovation has been a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or NARI for 17 years. It is the only national association dedicated solely to the remodeling industry and has chapters throughout the country. Every year NARI members compete for the

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Eat-In Breakfast Nook

If the heart of the home is the kitchen, then the heart of the kitchen is an eat-in nook. It is more than just some stools pulled up to an island, but rather a dedicated place to sit, conversate and enjoy a meal or work on a project. It conveys a sense of home, a place to gather and spend

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2018 Irvington Home Tour

Craftsman Design and Renovation is proud to be a part of the 36th annual Irvington Home Tour with this beautiful Craftsman home. Originally designed and built in 1910 by Robert Beat, this home had been neglected and was in need of some TLC! With careful design and planning, we were able to renovate and restore this home to its former

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2016 – Looking Forward

Besides marking our one-year move to a storefront office space on SE Belmont, we celebrate our 20 years of service, growth and teamwork.

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2012 – Creating a Brand

When one recognizable brand invites you to their table, you start to think, maybe you’ve achieved your own, if somewhat more modest, brand.

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Home Remodeling Portland OR

2011 – Entering the Atomic Age

Featured on the 2011 Architectural Heritage Tour, our preservation work on this 1950s kitchen was significant for us on several levels.  It was our first client who had such a personal connection to the building’s construction.  The mother of one of the owner’s had designed the entire home, including Japanese-influenced kitchen cabinets, which were hand built.  We were tasked with restoring them, as well

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2007 – Getting to Wow

We’ve had the privilege of working on some great historic houses, and this 1905 Emil Schact house has been one of the most significant.  The Tudor-influenced Craftsman (which we affectionately dubbed the “Wow House”) demanded the expertise we had acquired over the years, as we restored the interior to its original condition, employing the same meticulousness found in its initial

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2006 – Making the Cover

Back in Wade’s youth, when his peers dreamed of being on the cover of the Rolling Stone, he imagined his work featured in American Bungalow Magazine.  In 2006, he made it, when an article was published on the historic restoration of an iconic Emil Schact house.  Built in 1906, the impressive home tested our skills in historic restoration and helped elevate further our company’s

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2005 – A Plan to Support our Vision

Building a business has a lot to do with the connections you make and recruiting the expertise of others.  At a critical point, we turned to Business Networks to help us become a more professional company, developing the best solutions to support our growing client list and expanding team.   Among those innovations was the evolution of our distinctive standardized procedures, which assure clients a

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About Us

Craftsman Design and Renovation is a nationally recognized design-build remodeling company with contractors who have a passion for Portland’s older homes. We love our work and the association it offers us with like-minded people, who value the history, craftsmanship, and beauty of vintage homes.