Restore Your Historic Portland Home with a Whole House Remodel from Craftsman Design & Renovation

Craftsman Design & Renovation is an award-winning design-build firm that focuses on renovating older homes in the Portland, Oregon area. Led by senior designer and owner Wade Freitag, who has long specialized in historically sensitive remodels, our team has had the opportunity to work on some of Portland’s most beautiful and renowned historical homes. Not only do we complete basement, bathroom, and kitchen remodels, but if you are looking to restore your entire home, we can provide you with a whole house remodel that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Crafting Excellence Since 1996

When it comes to remodeling an entire house, creative vision and project management are indispensable, and these are qualities that the Craftsman team brings to every project. Unlike a one-room remodel, a whole house remodel requires a comprehensive design approach to ensure that the end result blends seamlessly together and looks like a unified whole. We can perform a study of your home and compare it to other nearby houses that were built around the same time to get an understanding of the architectural and design trends that were popular at that time. We will use these trends to guide your project while also taking into consideration your unique tastes and style preferences.

From sourcing historically accurate materials such as wood, tile, and marble, to preserving and reusing as much of your home’s original structure as possible, we can remodel your whole house in such a way that it retains its historic character but also satisfies your need for more modern amenities. We also pay particularly close attention to smaller details such as trim, molding, and other hallmarks of historical architecture that are often overlooked these days.

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