Welcome to Craftsman Design and Renovation

We’re an award-winning design-build firm with a reputation for historically sensitive remodels, which simply means the spaces we create look like they fit into your home, whatever its age. The “Craftsman” in our name reflects not only a love for older homes, but more fundamentally, a standard of quality and sustainability we set for ourselves on every home renovation, whether Victorian or mid-century.

How does our design-build process work? It starts with your phone call or email. We’ll briefly interview you for a comprehensive picture of your needs and then visit your home for a free initial consultation. When you sign a design agreement, we’ll produce a design that fits your budget. From there we develop a series of drawings and estimates, reviewing and revising them with you. Upon a signed construction agreement, our team of specially trained carpenters follows a written construction schedule to complete your project on time. With superior craftsmanship and a design tailored to your home, we create rooms and exteriors that stand the test of time.

Matching Historic Homes with Modern Needs

A trendy, open floorplan can be tempting when you own a historic home. The space you have may feel too close or dark to be liveable. Before knocking down walls and installing track lighting in your Victorian, take a look at these five simple tips for historic home preservation and design:

Tip #1: Keep the floor plan clean and simple.

There is a certain hierarchy of public and private spaces that houses generally follow. Public spaces (like a front entry) often lead to other public spaces (like a living room or dining room), then to more private spaces (like a bathroom or bedroom).

Don’t remove walls in an attempt to “open up your floor plan” and end up with one giant room. Instead, half walls or columns can be utilized to keep the room open, yet allow a little separation and flow to your floor plan.

Tip #2: Keep the history in your home consistent.

Modernizing your home doesn’t mean you should give an ultra-modern interior to an Arts and Crafts home. You can upgrade your home, change the way the space flows, but keep touches of the original period.  A transition from an older home on the outside to a modern interior is jarring and can reduce the home’s value.

Tips on Preserving your Historic Home

Historic preservation is one of our passions and specialities at Craftsman Design and Renovation. From design to build, we enjoy remodeling and preserving the classic homes of Portland.

It may seem like an overwhelming subject for a homeowner who cares for the history of their home, but also wants the space to cater to their modern needs.  Here are some tips to help you both preserve and change your home to fit your needs:

1. Take a walk down your block

Your home probably fits right in with many other historic or period homes on your same block or in your neighborhood.  If you are working to restore your home to its original structure or need help adding-on without the addition looking garish, take a stroll in your neighborhood.  Study the homes surrounding yours.  You may have a neighbor who pulled off exactly what you are trying to accomplish who you can learn from.

2. You can replace when necessary