Craftsman basement remodels

A basement remodel can be liberating. You can carve out rooms that adhere to your home’s vintage or breaks all the rules. Whether you’re thinking of adding a Bungalow-style guest suite or a tiki bar, or simply cleaning up your laundry area, we’ll help create a space that unearths your basement’s treasure of hidden potential.

Our design build process

How does our design-build process work? It starts with your phone call or email. We will briefly interview you for a comprehensive picture of your basement remodeling project and then visit your home for a free initial consultation. When you sign a design agreement, we will produce a design that fits your budget.

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"Superlative and satisfying — those two words sum up our feelings toward everyone at CDR. We began with a general vision in our mind’s eye and thanks to the creative design process we ended with a finished product that is even better than imagined. Construction flowed smoothly from one step to the next while staying true to our budget and timeline and we were treated with thoughtful respect by all involved. Although remodeling can be stressful at times, CDR worked diligently to pop any stress bubbles and keep our project moving along smoothly so that now we can pop our own happiness bubbles. We are so thankful we chose to work with CDR and definitely will do so in the future. Thanks, everyone!" Susan & Bart
About Us

Craftsman Design and Renovation is a nationally recognized design-build remodeling company with contractors who have a passion for Portland’s older homes. We love our work and the association it offers us with like-minded people, who value the history, craftsmanship, and beauty of vintage homes.