Addition Remodels

Addition Remodeling

Here at Craftsman Design and Renovation we take pride in our meticulous approach to preserving the character of older homes while seamlessly integrating modern amenities. 

Completing an old home addition requires a delicate balance between honoring the original architecture and meeting the needs of contemporary living. A skilled craftsman understands the historical significance of the property and strives to enhance its charm while adding functional space.

In blending the addition with the age of the home, attention to detail is paramount. This involves meticulous craftsmanship to match architectural features, such as trim work, molding, and materials, to those found in the existing structure. We guide you through these decisions during our design process, and execute with expert craftsmanship during our build process.

The result is a cohesive and timeless space that respects the home’s heritage while providing modern comfort and functionality, creating a living environment that feels both rooted in history and tailored for the present day.


    Craftsman recently completed a kitchen renovation in our 1911 Craftsman, and also moved our washer and dryer from the basement onto our second floor. In short, we could not be more satisfied with the project from beginning to end and we would not want to work with anyone else but Craftsman for any future renovations. We are in love with the quality, beauty and craftsmanship of our kitchen and know it will remain for at least another 100 years. We felt comfortable and supported by everyone at Craftsman, and enjoyed spending time with them throughout the process.

    We cannot say enough good things about working with Craftsman Design. This was the 3rd or 4th job we have had them do at our house and it is always a pleasure to see them work their magic. We will always consider them as our first choice for future projects. Everyone from the design team through the sub contractors were wonderful and a pleasure to have around the house while they were doing the work.

    This was my second major home project with Craftsman Design and Renovation. They are a great design company to work with from start to finish. I know that everything will be completed as promised, problems will be solved, and that I am working with a team of competent professionals. It feels like you have a team of friends working on your house and they are very invested in your satisfaction with the end product.