We love old Portland homes and the quirks and character that come with them. Working in them as often as we do, there’s often one challenge we come across in most homes – just not enough space! Luckily, many of these homes were built with basements, which can substantially increase your square footage and sometimes double it! Not sure what to do with the space? Here’s a few things you can add to make your basement your favorite area of your home: 1. Family Room This basement is the perfect place to snuggle up and watch a movie with loved ones. 2. Craft Room Not enough space to spread out at the dining room table? Create a dedicated craft space so you don’t have to pick up every time a meal is ready to be served. 3. Laundry Room Do you currently dread having to stomp down into the dark and dingy basement to do the laundry? We’d be fighting over laundry duty in this fresh and bright laundry room. 4. Bathroom Morning shower lines no more! Adding a bathroom in the basement means there’s more shower – and primping – space for everyone in the family! Cue less fighting and more happiness. 5. Guest Room It’s always nice to have an extra space for guests to stay when they come to visit. Consider putting an extra cozy bedroom in your basement for those out of town guests. 6. Exercise Room No need for a gym membership…create your own right at home! A basement is the perfect place to put that bike, elliptical, or treadmill that you’ve always wanted. 7. Snack Zone What does every great family room have? A snack zone of course! Keep yours stocked with popcorn, candy and sodas and be the coolest family on the block. 8. Home Office Need a private, quiet area to get some work done? Add an egress window for some additional light and you have your perfect work from home oasis. 9. Wine Cellar Because everyone should have one…just in case. 10. Storage Galore-age Living in the beautiful PNW tends to lend itself to a lot of gear…tents, kayaks, bikes, skies, snowshoes…the list goes on! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all of this stuff (and other things) organized, once and for all? There are so many great things to do with a basement space! The possibilities are endless and unique for you and your family. Contact us today to get some ideas flowing and your basement project started.