In addition to our week of kitchen design element favorites (check out our Instagram or Facebook pages) we wanted to share a few more design elements we love to incorporate in the kitchens we remodel. These are a few of our favorite things…

1. Storage – and lots of it.

In this kitchen we created a peninsula with some great drawer storage space. Ideal for bake-ware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, and even dishes and cups. We often design with drawers or cabinets with roll outs for easy-to-access storage.

2. Work Zones – to keep everyone organized.

The older kitchens we work on typically have three main work zones – clean up/sink, cooking surface, and refrigeration storage.  We aim to ensure that things are organized around these three zones. We also like to create sub zones such as beverage stations, as seen here. Why not store your mugs next to your coffee maker? It sure would make things easier on those sleepy mornings.

3. Increased Light – let the sunshine (or cloudiness) in.

There’s nothing worse than not quite being able to see what you are cooking – especially if it involves chopping with a sharp knife – eek! We love brightening up the kitchens we work in by adding recessed, semi-flush/sconce, and under cabinet lighting. And, if possible, adding a skylight or an additional window makes a huge difference…especially here in the PNW. We were able to add a skylight in this Hawthorne kitchen and it sure makes those blue cabinets pop!

4. Corner Magic – making use of every inch.

Corner cabinets are always tough. They are hard to see into, things can fall through the cracks, and cooking utensils get lost in the abyss. Luckily, corner cabinet storage has come a long way and there are great options for functional, usable storage. Shown here is a pie shaped insert with no bar, allowing easy access to all items on the shelf.

5. Honoring the Home – thoughtful design. 

No matter the vintage, we design to honor the age of the home while updating it for today’s living. We take cues from the rest of the space to see what fits aesthetically and then marry that aesthetic with function. We have the privilege of working on primarily older homes in Portland, and we love helping to tell their story for another 100 years to come.

Hoping to incorporate some of our favorite design elements into your kitchen? Contact us today to start the design process!