‘Tis the season for cookies and cakes, secret recipes and time-honored traditions. In the flurry of activity that accompanies the holidays you may notice that not everyone is pulling their weight, specifically your kitchen appliances. Holiday feasts mean you need all the burners firing (not just the front two). Between baked goods and casseroles, you may realize you really do need that second oven. Ventilation suddenly becomes a top priority when holiday helpers let things cook a little too long. Marathon cooking, baking, and merry making is the perfect time to take note of how your kitchen can better support your needs. Here are a few of our favorite appliances that help make the season bright.

     1. Miele Speed Oven

  • Food Fast – by using a combination of microwave and traditional baking, you can save up to 30% of cook time.
  • Heat & Reheat – unlike the steam oven, you can reheat coffee, make popcorn, as well as bake traditional dishes.
  • Perfect Every Time – this oven uses MasterChef with pre-programmed cooking times & temps along with a Roast Probe for perfect-every-time dishes.


     2. Blue Star Range

  • All Gas All the Time –depending on the model you select, you can have 9,000, 15,000, and 22,000 BTUs of power at your fingertips. The all gas oven with true convection helps you produce bakery quality goods.
  • More Elbow Room – even a 30” 4-burner range gives you plenty of room to groove. The burners are pushed toward the edge of the range top, allowing you to use all 4 at once. The oven can fit a full-size baking sheet, helping you crank out enough cookies for Santa and the reindeer.
  • Broiler Perfection – with an infrared broiler on board, you can make nachos in 20 seconds or perfectly sear a steak.


     3. Vent-A-Hood

  • No Filter, No Problem – Vent-A-Hood uses the power of centrifugal force to separate grease from the air rather than relying on baffles or filters.
  • Silent Night – by eliminating noise making filters, their hoods are quiet even when moving 1200 CFM of air.
  • Fire Proof – because their unique ventilation is so effective, Vent-A-hood is virtually fire-proof.


     4. Miele Dishwasher

  • Scrape and Go – you don’t need to wash your dishes before you wash your dishes. Scrape your plates and load them up!
  • Crystal Bliss – the Miele Crystal dishwasher perfectly cleans stemware without etching.
  • Flexible Interior – numerous points of adjust-ability allow you to fit baking dishes, mixing bowls, beer steins, and plates with Tetris-like skill.


     5. Refrigeration

  • Dual Evaporators – from produce to leftovers, you will see a longer life from your food if you select a refrigerator with dual evaporators. This separates the air between the fridge and freezer, keeping the fridge humid and the freezer dry.
  • The Nice List – some of our favorite brands with dual evaporators are Liebherr, Sub-Zero Wolf, & Beko.
  • Perfect Perlick – if wine, beer, or cider are part your holiday survival plan, Perlick beverage centers will keep them at the right temp and ready to serve.


     6. Miele Combi-Steam Oven

  • Saves Time – Steam cooking eliminates flavor transfer between food, allowing you to bake salmon, broccoli, and cookies at the same time.
  • Re-hydrates – refrigeration not only cools the air, but also depletes it of moisture. Re-heating with steam transforms leftover pizza into fresh-from-the-oven perfection.
  • Multiple Cooking Techniques – bake bread, “boil” eggs, sous vide, and steam. Programmed bake settings along with a Roast Probe help even a novice turn out restaurant quality meals.

And that’s a wrap! 6 appliances that will make your holiday meal and goody prep a total breeze.

If a home remodel is on your wish list this holiday season, contact us today to make your wish into a reality.