As a company that specializes in remodeling older homes, we’ve seen a lot over the years. Unfortunately, many of these homes were stripped of their original detailing from previous remodels. What were those people in the 80s thinking?! Fundamentally, we believe in integrity. In any house, vintage or contemporary, the spaces should integrate seamlessly into their surroundings. We do this through carefully considering the history of the home, using age appropriate materials, and salvaging as much of the original structure and character as possible – everything from woodwork to windows.

So what do we salvage and how do we do it? Read on to hear our process, specifically in our current whole house remodel project, the Tabor Hill Home. This 1913 gem was oozing with beautiful Craftsman style character, although much of it had been hidden over the years by layers of remodels and paint.


We take an inventory of doors, windows, hardware, vent covers, built-ins – many of which were built with such quality at the time, that they’ve lasted 100 years (and we’re looking to get another 100 years out of them).


We review the inventory to determine what will stay in its current location and what may be re-purposed in another place in the home.

  • Lead Carpenter Noah found these original order forms from 1912 in the house from the original door order. This mirrored door, listed on the order form, will sit proudly as the powder bath door in the entry hall at the front of the house. We originally found it leading into the kitchen and carefully salvaged it as a nice feature in the new powder room and entryway.

  • This large pocket door was originally found in the entryway – we stripped the paint, salvaged the sliding door hardware, and re-hung the door in the future office area upstairs. We can’t wait to see this beauty finished!

  • The original drawer and cabinet faces of this master bedroom built-in were saved, including all the glass knobs. We re-built the cabinet from the back, increasing the size slightly in order to fit full sized hangers, gain slightly more storage, and to ensure the drawers and doors would function properly.

  • The heat registers saved during demo will be given a little love and replaced throughout the home. We love the look and feel of these registers and save them any time we can!


When we can’t find an original detail or salvageable item, we recreate it.

  • In this case, we built a dormer on the second level of the home, so our carpenters carefully recreated the rafter tail detailing to match the existing.

And there you have it! Through thoughtful design and careful planning we are able to bring these homes back to their original glory, while making them functional for today’s living.

Do you have a home you would like to honor? Contact us today for assistance with your remodel.