Summertime is coming, and the weather is warming up. Living in the Pacific NW, this means that the showers are shorter, the sun is out longer, and everyone wants to be able to enjoy their yards. Here are some ideas on how to enjoy your yard, while avoiding the spring and summer showers:

Convert your tool shed

Many houses have a little tool shed in the back. Instead of hiding it from guests, make it a welcoming place from which to entertain and enjoy your yard.

Install a pavillion

Creating a yard which fits you and your personality is a part of having the home of your dreams. Enjoying this space from an enclosed – yet outdoor space can be exactly what you need. A backyard pavillion is an open, roofed space where you can gather with friends and family to enjoy the kids playing on the lawn – or sit back and watch the rain fall.

Cover or enclose your patio/porch

A front porch or back patio are great places to sit back and enjoy being outside. Getting this space covered or enclosed allows you to enjoy them in all seasons. You can have great backyard barbecues any time of year, or you can sit hot tea and read a good book in your front porch.

Add a gathering place

Making your yard more accessible to your friends and family adds to your ability to enjoy the space. Adding a gazebo, arbor, trellis, firepit, outdoor fireplace or other gathering spot to your yard will create a place for you to enjoy being outside, without leaving home.

No matter how much you do to create the perfect indoor space – there will be times when you want to get outside and enjoy the beauty of a rainfall or barbecue in the sunshine. A backyard retreat might end up being your favorite place to gather your friends and family.

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