Here in the Pacific NW, we are all about going green. From the addition of a compost bin to the trash route in NE Portland to the Farmers Markets throughout Portland, most of us want to be as green and shop as locally as possible. We cherish the earth and would like it to be lush and beautiful for our children, our children’s children, their children and so on down the line.

With this in mind, we thought we’d provide some green remodeling tips for those DIY remodelers out there and for those hiring professional remodelers who are concerned about green practices.

Reuse old wainscoting, molding, trim, door knobs, etc. Even if you have completely changed a room around, you can reuse old materials from the original space. This does the double duty of being green and preserving the flavor and consistency of the home.

Recycle by using recycled timber, going to estate sales for decorations, visit second-hand stores or use family heirlooms for art, furniture, and more. There is so much to find. Once you’ve bought or found pieces you love, you can update them or feature them in your home. For example: reupholster that old love seat, feature your grandmother’s rocking chair by the fireplace, or hang that amazing chandelier as the final touch to your dining room.

Go local and utilize local antique shops, Saturday Market, and more for decorations, vintage pieces and more. You can also visit locally-owned hardware stores to get materials for your project – and use local nurseries to buy plants for your yard or home.

Use nontoxic paint and materials during your remodel or even when you’re just sprucing things up for the new season.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at our past projects at or contact us today. We are a locally owned company here in Portland and our team can help you with of your remodeling needs – from design to build!