Recently here at Craftsman Design and Renovation, we’ve started to receive more calls regarding green remodeling: how can we be more kind to the planet while updating our home? Each call we field about this, Bill, one of our Partners, repeats the same motto – “A green remodel is a well-designed remodel.”

Most people who have worked in or followed the construction and design industry will understand the truth of these words. In an age of “design to sell”, house flipping for profit, “form over function”, and an excess of HGTV, these spaces often look good on camera, but the flaws begin to reveal themselves once they are seen in person.

More often than not, rooms are poorly designed and poorly constructed. With our many years of experience in remodeling, we’ve seen it all; improperly installed tile, cabinets that don’t offer enough storage, too much or too little space between appliances, cramped quarters, and trendy but cheap fixtures and finishes – all for the sake of selling, or appearing “updated.” These are typically the rooms that get ripped out within a few years of being put into the space.

Most of us have walked into a poorly designed kitchen or bath that does not serve the homeowner that uses those spaces daily. It can be frustrating and create stress for the homeowner, causing them to throw out what they have and start from scratch. This is where good design becomes a key factor in green remodeling.

A well-designed space will last much longer than a space that was put together haphazardly. By understanding how the homeowner uses the space, interacts with it, and personalizing the space to their needs, we’re able to put together a functional AND beautiful space.

Good design is never just about making a room look good (though we think we do a pretty good job at that), but making it function well for the user. It should offer the space, storage, and necessities needed to make your kitchen, basement, bathroom, mudroom, or whatever room you are renovating, attuned to your way of living.

This is why as a design-build firm, we always take our time going through the design process. We want to get to know you and how you live. We want to understand what you love about your home and the things that drive you nuts. Through design, we’re diving into the nitty gritty. We’re getting to know who you are and how you want your home to function for you. And we want to be sure that whatever work we are putting into your space, it won’t be ripped out in two years and thrown into the landfill because it no longer functions for you – or the next owners.

Good design is enduring and will last for many years to come. Though it can cost more on the front end, it ultimately leads to less waste in the landfill – thus making Bill’s words ring true, “A green remodel is a well-designed remodel.”

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