As with all relationships, first impressions don’t always mean long term fit. What initially attracts you may turn into a lifetime of happiness or a series of frustrations. And as something you use every single day, you want to ensure your kitchen faucet is the best fit for you and your family.

Here are Five Tips to help you navigate the ups and downs of finding a kitchen faucet.

1. Magnetic Dock

Pull out spray heads can be a blessing or a curse. To avoid the dreaded droopy head, look for faucets that use a magnet to keep the head in place. Delta and Brizo offer this as a standard feature.

2. Nylon Hose

The only thing worse than a droopy head is the spine-chilling screech of a metal hose. A few big brands still use this option, so pay attention to specs and make sure the hose is covered in nylon for silent and smooth use.

3. Clearances

Who doesn’t love a window above a sink? Cleaning is always more pleasant with a view. Make sure the faucet spout and handle clear any windowsills. If dimensions are tight, select a faucet with a handle that never goes past 90⁰. This will keep the handle from hitting anything behind it. Avoid handles at an angle as well if you like full water pressure with all hot or cold temps.

4. Spray Patterns

Most faucets have multiple spray patterns. Some are consistent across brands while others are model specific. How do you plan to use your faucet? A prep sink might benefit from a setting like Kohler’s “BerrySoft” when washing produce while your main sink might better utilize a “Sweep Spray” (Kohler) or “Shield Spray” (Delta/Brizo).

5. Touch on, Touch off

Touch faucets can be a Love/Hate relationship. While some can’t live without it, others find it annoying at best. If you are on the love train, look for options that allow for multiple touch points and power options. Delta Faucet is touch activated from any point on the faucet (excluding the head) and allows users to swivel the faucet while in use without turning off the water. They also offer a choice between battery power and a plug below the sink. Batteries do need to be changed, but they allow the faucet to work during a power outage.

Nothing beats hands-on experience. If you are shopping for a faucet, go to showrooms, visit friends – be sure to touch a faucet! Not only do you need to fall for the look of a faucet, you need to fall for the feel.

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