Join us for a journey into the world of kitchens at Timeless Transformations: Remodeling Portland’s Older Kitchens for Modern Living. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Discover Unique Characteristics: Explore the charm of older Portland area kitchens with their distinctive features and classic designs.

Dive into Workspaces, Appliances, and Layouts: Learn about the evolution of kitchen design, from traditional workspaces to modern layouts.

Explore Sought-After Upgrades: Stay ahead with insights into the latest trends in kitchen upgrades and enhancements.

Navigate Remodeling Challenges: Get tips on overcoming hurdles in remodeling older homes for a seamless transformation.

Witness ‘Before and After’ Transformations: Be inspired by stunning transformations, gaining ideas for your own remodel.

Get Practical Tips for Starting a Remodel: Receive expert advice to kickstart your kitchen remodel journey.

Q&A with the CDR Team: Have questions? Our expert team is ready to answer all your remodeling queries!

Save the Date: February 24th  | Location: Architectural Heritage Center

Register now here and let the exploration of timeless kitchens begin. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

We hope to see you there!