Gone are the days when a “bathroom update” meant that the toilet seat and bathroom floor were carpeted with horrible shag carpeting. There are now so many options for a bathroom, it’s hard to decide which to choose. Here are just some ideas for updating your bathroom:

Add Under-Sink Storage

Get rid of the ugly medicine cabinet and, instead, add drawers and cupboards beneath your sink. It makes your bathroom look tidier and gives more room for statement pieces.

Make Room

Many older bathrooms look as if they were built as an afterthought. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be that way. Get your bathroom expanded to include a spa-like tub, his and her sinks, a vanity, or even a lounge space. Your bathroom does not have to be a utilitarian closet.

Add Lighting

Some bathrooms seem to have been created to make the person looking in the mirror look terrible because it has the worst possible light. Get better or additional lights added. Or, if possible, get a window or skylight installed for better, natural light.

Install a Statement Piece

Just because you use your bathroom for utilitarian purposes does not mean it can’t have an eye catcher installed. An oversized mirror, a Japanese soaking tub, specialized tiling or backsplash, a statement wall, and more can all add character and beauty to your bathroom.

Keep your Bathroom in Character

If your home is in a specific style, your bathroom can be both updated and designed to match the rest of your home. For example, you can install a spa tub, but keep the glass door knobs or signature tiling.

These are just some of the many ideas you can think with when deciding how best to remodel your bathroom. For more inspiration, take a look at projects we have completed here: https://www.craftsmandesign.com/baths